Education 3.0

Though maybe not quite as hip and happening as the whole edupunk thang, the latest posting in the Terra Incongita series on open content and open source, does put forward a case for promoting new attitudes and developing new infrastructures for educational content.

In his article entitled “Evolution to Education 3.0”Derek Keats, describes the impact of what he refers to as ‘digital freedom’ both in terms of producing and sharing resources. He also strikes a cautionary note about the move to accredit open educational resources and argues instead for the wider uptake at institutional level to a framework of “Freedom and Openness”. This framework would encourage aggregation and interoperability between institutional and personal learning networks.

“. . . a possible brave new world of education 3.0, one in which the organizational constraints and boundaries are removed, the need for aggregation is not the only model for accredited learning, and the long-tail reaches into higher education at last. I do not see it as a replacement for institutional learning as it happens currently, but as another layer on top of it that extend the value of higher education into new spaces and that enable synergy among different individuals and institutions to be created “

Lots of interesting comments to the article have been posted too.


  1. Much as I like the name David, I neither look like the statue nor bear that name 🙂 Tis Derek —
    Thanks for the post though. The message is more important than the name 🙂


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