Open, agile, fun collaboration #BYODL and #GCUGamesOn creative challenge

One of the great things about working openly is that is leads to all sorts of serendipitous collaborative opportunities. Last week we had a lovely example of that when we were able share a joint creative twitter challenge between our online event #GCUGamesOn and the latest iteration of #BYOD4L.

Friday was the final day of #BYOD4L and the focus of the day was on creating.  We thought it would be fun to get participants to share a sporty/keep fit photo and provide a way to be creative and have some Friday fun. As both our online events are very flexible it really only took a quick skype call to add this activity to both.

Sue has collated the responses in to this storify.

The #BYOD4l & #GCUGamesOn Creative Challenge Storify
The #BYOD4l & #GCUGamesOn Creative Challenge Storify


  1. Hi Sheila,

    Thank you for saying yes and going ahead with this fun challenge. Openness creates exciting opportunities for togetherness.

    The photos are a great collection and enabled us to share a little something in the spirit of the Games, We hope the rest of the event will go well. Perhaps I should join. Really want to see the badges you created? we have introduced bronze, silver, gold and diamond FLEX CPD badges with one of our faculties at MMU and staff were very positive about them 😉

    Speak soon,

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